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Facilities Hire Terms & Conditions

Having read the conditions below, I agree to be bound by and observe them. Also, I absolve Lincolnshire Rural Activities Centre and anyone else connected with the Facilities for any injury or loss that I might suffer whilst on the premises.

Facilities: Include the whole premises know as Lincolnshire Rural Activities Centre and in particular the Indoor School, and Outdoor Arena
  1.   Anyone hiring facilities at the Lincolnshire Rural Activities Centre MUST report to reception or the out of hours security person PRIOR to using them. Please ensure you arrive in time to use the facility at your allotted time. We may not be able to offer you additional time to make up for being late.
  2.  Neither Lincolnshire Rural Activities Centre staff nor anyone in their employ is available to attend any of the facilities and as such all those who wish to school their horses / ponies do so entirely at their own risk. We have taken all reasonable precautions to ensure the safety of horses, riders and spectators - please ensure you also take all reasonable steps to avoid and prevent accidents.
  3.  Neither Lincolnshire Rural Activities Centre, nor any person acting on their behalf accept liability for any loss, accident, injury or damage to horses, riders, spectators or any other persons or property whatsoever and howsoever caused.
  4.  Hats – BSI kite marked PAS015 or BS EN 1384 or ASTM F1163 (with SE1) must be worn at all times when mounted, with the chinstrap fastened. Body protectors to current BETA recommendation are recommended when jumping.
  5.  When the arenas are in use all gates must be closed.
  6.  Anyone UNDER 16 must be accompanied by an adult at all times while on or near any of the facilities.
  7.  Any children under 6 who are spectating or accompanying a rider MUST be accompanied by a non-riding adult at all times, and must be kept under control and OUT of all arenas and stable yards for their own safety.
  8.  Any person found causing damage on the Lincolnshire Rural Activities Centre site will be asked to leave immediately and banned from the site along with other persons with them.
  9.  The garden / horticulture /woodland area is totally off limits. Event organisers must broadcast this over the tanhoy on show days.
  10.  Any damage to jumps, fencing or other areas of the facilities MUST be reported to reception or the out of hours security person before leaving the site, even if you did not cause the damage.
  11.  Broken jumps must be paid for at the following rate: Poles: £30 each; Combi Wings: £100 each; Uprights: £50 each; Fillers: £100 each.
  12.  The arena’s and any rooms which have been used/hired (including canteen and classrooms) MUST be left in an ‘as found’ condition, all jumps must be put away. A cleaning charge will apply if the Centre is not left in a satisfactory condition.
  13.  For School hire before 4.30pm in weekdays, please liaise with staff BEFORE using indoor school to check which entrance to use.
  14.  Help us to keep Lincolnshire Rural Activities Centre tidy and maintain our riding surfaces! Do not muck out into the lorry car park, please ensure you pick up all droppings from the arenas and parking areas, and use litter bins provided. Haynets must not be tied to the outside of lorries or trailers.
  15.  If running an event you are responsible for doing your own risk assessment on the activities you are doing.

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